What is a Mind Map? Mind Map help

What is a Mind Map or MindMap?

A Mind Map is a document you create to visually represent where you are going and what you need to achieve to get there. It's an excellent tool to start your thinking towards a goal or project that can be built on as time progresses.

Here's a simple example of a Mind Map

The way you build a mindmap is to start with the goal in the very center, then build out from there on the topics and actions needed to complete that goal.

Mind Maps are so simple, everyone can create them and build the picture of how they see the current and future situation to be, indeed often in group situations people are asked to create a MindMap of both how things are now, and how they see things being in the future - there are often some amazing differences to the "Master" Mind Map that can then be addressed.

MindMaps help to get started on a Mind Map

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I've built a Mind Map - What Now?

So you have built your own MindMap - possibly on where you see your career moving forward, or how you intend to become successful in your chosen field. Now is the time to break down the Mind Map into actual Tasks so find a Blank Task List, and with the most immediate tasks at the top - start listing what you WILL achieve TODAY.

Find out more about Task Lists.

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