Motivation Drips what are they

What are Motivation Drips?

Motivation Drips are very simple, each is the next task you need to achieve based on your master tasklist - whether it be a task for business, studying, dieting, or maybe even cleaning your home or car - you need to completely focus on the task in hand and not on future tasks that make you worry.

This is the reason each "Drip" is solely the task you are now working on, lifted from your task list and visualised as a colourful drip of ink, defining your current activity.

As you learn this efficient "Drip" technique you will need to really picture and imagine the drip hanging in the air directly in front of you wherever you are - much like a butterfly hovering mid-air.

You will have decided upon when this task needs to be completed so you will know how fast, or slowly, the drip is falling to the ground - this will define how urgent the task is. As your task-deadline approaches the drip falls further towards the floor.

Your mind will begin adapt to this methodology and you will begin to appreciate that unfinished tasks, at dealines, cause much more effort to clean up quickly, and how they very much impact on future tasks and their deadlines - with a little practice your mind will not let this happen.

Focus is why motivation drips work

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Why do Motivation Drips Work?

Due to our own experiences of mess that occurs when a liquid is spilt on the floor/carpet/desk especially a colourful one - using "Motivation Drips" techniques our minds will soon convert to work at avoiding such missed deadlines and messes.

These techniques really work - but you must be receptive to the idea of "Motivation Drips".

Once you have completed this task, then revisit your task list for your next drip, with it's own deadline , to start.

Remember: If you and your colleagues embrace "Motivation Drips", you will be more successful!

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