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Free task list template

Free Template - Task List

Use our free motivational task list to help you decide upon which tasks you need to complete to get your projects done on time and to target.

There's space for high priority one tasks, and also a section for priority two tasks.

Three columns enable you to have Task Title, Notes, and Time estimates visible.

Once you have your current (today?) tasks on this free task list use it to create your own Motivation Drips to actually get the tasks done.

Free mind map example

Mind Map Example

Remember, a mind map is specifically for long-term planning of typically large-scale projects or business plans. Sometimes within very large mind maps there are links to smaller mind maps otherwise they would be far too complex. See our new business mind map.

Project Mind Maps

With a mind map you should be aiming to get down all areas of your project involved to get you to completion.

Business Mind Maps for Business Plans

The mind map for a business precedes a business plan as it will outline all areas of the complete business from sales, to payroll, delivery, service, and after-sales.

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