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Motivation Drips were invented, it was in the business setting. Members of our team had very long task lists for business, but we had all discovered we were distracted by future tasks and had trouble giving focus to just the task in hand.

With Motivation Drips we discovered we could effectively shut off our brains from other tasks and focus directly on what we had to do now.

The use of Motivation Drips works throughout all areas of your life, give them a try.

If you are not used to using task lists the take a look at our "Make a Task List" section.

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Task Lists to More Motivation Drip

So, you now have compiled your task list - to increase motivation, ensure your tasks are in order of priority - what needs to be completed first at the top of the list etc. It would also help to have an idea of how long each task should take.

Now select a colour you want to associate with each area of tasks (start with one area until you're used to using the drips technique) then take the first task and visualise it becoming a drip of ink, floating in the air in front of your eyes, then imagine it slowly (or speedily if it's a quick task) falling. You set the speed by which it falls based on your time limit for the task.

Now get on with the task, once completed remove it from your task list.

After a couple of tasks you'll find you get used to the concept of focus and therefore urgency - try it out for yourself!

Remember: If you and your colleagues embrace "Motivation Drips", you will be more successful!

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