Start using task lists, make your task list

How to start making a Task List

A Task List is a document listing all of the tasks you need to complete in a given period to get towards your goal(s).

Task Lists can sometimes be handed to you by your boss, a colleague, or a teacher, but they will always mean more to you - and you will get more from them if you are there builder as you have more invested in their (and therefore your) success.

Here is a simple Blank Daily Task List.

Note your most important tasks for today need to be at the top of the list. It's typical for Task Lists to be created the night before your work day, so you have the whole day to get cracking.

Task List Focus will help

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My Task List is ready ... Motivation!!

Use the Motivation Drips mind trick to target your mind on the task you need to work on right now, then when you have completed that task put a line through it and move on to the next one! (Reward yourself with a Smile as you tick it off your list).

Well done you!

Remember: If you and your colleagues embrace "Motivation Drips", you will be more successful!

Motivation to get motivated

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