Why and how do motivation drips work?

Why do Motivation Drips work?

Motivation Drips change the way we look at our current task. Practitioners of the Motivation Drips techniques have little or no distraction from other pending tasks, and are really focussed on the task they are working on now.

This focus is due to our subconcious mind vistualising the imaginary drop of paint falling to the floor and this, again subconciously, promotes your activity to prevent such a disaster - something your mind knows will often take more action to clean up than actually completing the task itself.

These techniques really work - but you must be receptive to the idea of "Motivation Drips" to get into the habit.

Once you have completed this task, then revisit your task list for your next drip, with it's own deadline, to start anew.

Focus is how motivation drips work

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How do Motivation Drips Work?

Focus is the issue when we need to accomplish something important, by highlighting each individual task you are working on with it's very own "Drip" your mind will appreciate what is required to be done NOW.

Accomplished "Motivation Drips" practitioners sometimes report almost "feeling" the drip in the forefront of their mind something that really keeps their focus where they need it to be.

Remember: If you and your colleagues embrace "Motivation Drips", you will be more successful!

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