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To get more motivated we often need a little push in the right direction, and help to get your motivation focus on the task in hand.

That's why people around the world have started using Motivation Drips to focus their mind on this task, and not on future tasks and worries.

To know where you are going ... use a Mind Map

If you are not prepared to start your project, or you don't have an exact plan of what to do then start with a Mind Map - click here to start building your own Mind Map

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Now get your Task List Started

Now you have an overall view of where you are going you need to build your Task List - click here to learn how to start building your Task List (blank copies printable here)

Print out a few blank task list copies so you always have one at hand.

Remember: If you and your colleagues embrace "Motivation Drips", you will be more successful!

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