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Why Motivation Drips will change your life

It's quite simple to understand why using the Motivation Drips method will change your life - most people have no real direction and goal in their life, let alone the motivation they need to get to that goal.

Often people approach a new goal or target with a system to motivate them, some systems can cost a small fortune but in our experience, and from the user feedback we've had, the Motivation Drips method is the best way to focus your mind solely on the next task you need to complete.

When starting a project to move toward a goal or target use motivation to change your life - start with a Mind Map to get down on paper where you're wanting to go then use a Task List to focus on the actions you need to do today towards that goal.

If you are not used to using Mind Maps and Task Lists then take a look at our "Decide This" section.

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See the Big Picture

When you start along the road toward your goals it's very important to decide where you are aiming for and what you will need to achieve to get there.

Ensure that in your Mind Map you cover all areas of the journey, so you can then prioritise your daily Task Lists correctly.

Remember - even the busiest person has time to complete a few extra tasks each day, and in doing so they have moved toward their goal every time they lay their head down to sleep, a reward in itself!

Motivation Drips will change your life, if you want the change enough and are prepared to make the effort - these inspiring words may help you ...

  • The only time SUCCESS comes before WORK is in the dictionary
  • If you do what you always did, you'll get what you always got!
  • You've got to get up every morning with determination if you're going to go to bed with satisfaction - George Lorimer

Remember: If you and your colleagues embrace "Motivation Drips", you will be more successful!

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